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  304 allée Maurice Mallet
  Zone Industrielle des Gâtines

  78370 PLAISIR


  Tél : +33 (0)1 34 52 14 80

  Fax : +33 (0)1 34 52 14 89

  Email : pkt@pkt-net.com

Validation, integration and implementation of customized
solutions based on "peripheral" technologies :

• Telephony, Call Centre,
• Broadband TDM,
• IP Routing, Shared Internet Access,
• SNMP Supervision,
• Analogue Modems, xDSL,
• Media and Protocol Converters,
• Fibre Optics Modems,
• ISDN Terminal Adapters,
• File and Application Servers,
• Storage and Backup Solutions...

As far as integration is concerned, P.K.Technologies has acquired expertise
in a number of fields on the periphery of its core business.

We believe we have the adaptability required for our customers' needs
in the acquisition of new capabilities.

We have worked in all the fields mentioned on this site at the request of customers
who needed our expertise and have fully satisfied their requirements.

Our expertise has provided us with a certain number of standard integration solutions
which we suggest we take a look at together.

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